Since my early years, I have had a keen interest in photography and the photographic processes. I loved processing my own black and white film and prints, and the smell of the darkroom chemicals was like perfume! From school yearbook and sports photography to official theater photography for college productions and travel photography during my time in the U.S. Army, I have pursued the possibilities of what my camera could do. In the process, my artistic eye also blossomed and I began to look beyond just capturing the subject on film. In the last dozen years or so I have concentrated on trying to put some of myself into my images and conveying to viewers some of the feelings I had when making them. This is what my friend Nancy Rotenberg used to call "going beyond the handshake"-- going beyond just documentation and creating an image that is personal to your experience.
Nature and landscape photography has given me the opportunity to celebrate the wonders of nature. I now work completely from digital files that have been optimized in the "digital darkroom." This allows me to produce prints with enhanced brilliance and detail, using tools I never had in my chemical darkroom. Advancing technology will continue to improve these capabilities, but my greatest efforts will be centered on helping viewers enjoy the experiences I have had in creating images from nature.